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3 Easy Steps to Stay Motivated

Getting motivated can be easy. However, staying motivated can be very difficult. You may have seen some professionals or experts that never cease to stop until they obtain the goal, are quite cheerful, and very focused. You can do it too! In short, once you finished reading this blog, you can instantly start applying what I teach you here.

With over 30 years of experience in demonstrating hypnosis and a solid foundation of understanding the mind, I can summarize what you can do to see results by staying motivated.

So how do some people stay motivated? Quite simple, they learned to get their goal into their subconscious. I will tell you how you can too! Businesses hire me to do this for their employees, but I'm making it simple for you here. In a nutshell, change the image in your subconscious, change the performance you do. The best thing, you can make up the image, whether real or fake, and once the subconscious accepts, you can see results. Best thing is it can be effortless, as you shortly will learn.

STEP 1 Decide on the goal or desire you want to achieve.

STEP 2 When you go to bed, clear your mind, close your eyes, and see the end result of the goal or dream. Then start to pretend how you got to the end result. For example, let's say you want to be recognized at work and receiving a promotion or award. Now see receiving the result from the boss. Then back up like you're viewing a video to a previous time (even when you are pretending and it hasn't happened but treat it like it did). For example, see yourself completing a task your boss requested, he sees it and you see him quite pleased, and honoring you with award or promotion, or whatever it is. Do this and allow the image to marinate in your mind as you drift off to sleep. Keep this up on a nightly basis. When your boss finally gives you a task, this is when you focus on the task and see the finished result with a happy boss and getting the recognition you deserve.

STEP 3 Repeat step 2

This works for any goal you have. A job, a fitness or weight loss goal, or even a car. The key is to see the end result and belief you already have it. and let the future unfold.

It's that simple. When you do this and work a little each day towards that goal, you'll be surprised when that image becomes a reality. Let me know it you have questions, I'm here to help. If your business wants a live demonstration about this, contact me, I do keynote speaking engagements with live demonstrations of hypnosis where you see it live and how changing the image changes the performance.

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