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Hypnotist Bio

   Brian has been performing stage hypnosis for over 20 years, and although he is trained as a hypnotherapist, his career has been based exclusively in the entertainment industry.  Brian is truly a national performer, having performed from California to New York, and all the states in between.  Brian's hypnotist friends refer to him as the "Grad and Prom Night King", as he is responsible for booking over 120 shows every year.

   Brian's extensive experience has given him considerable insight as to how to perform under every condition imaginable, from outside with temperatures above 90 degree's to thunderous midwestern storms that passed through during shows.

   Not all hypnotists are created equal.  While many are fairly good hypnotist's, not all are great entertainers.  Brian Hook epitomizes the best in both of these categories.  

   Brian is an absolute master at adjusting the material presented during his  show for any audience level.  Unlike most entertainers, Brian asks the client for input to personalize the performance and make it memorable and unforgettable, as well as to edit, change,delete or add any material that they may deem appropriate for their audience.

 Brian's personable and fun personality makes him one of the easiest entertainers  to  work with.  HIs attitude is that, he will do whatever it takes to make your event a success.  His ability as a hypnotist is only surpassed by his ability to entertain, who is highly silled in making your audience laugh, with always maintaining the dignity of the volunteers.  Brian's philosophy of performing is the audience will have a great time, but the volunteers will have a fantastic experience.

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